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Google Discovers Malware-Infected Android Applications

Google Discovers Malware-Infected Android Applications
Google has recently pulled up 21 Android applications because of malware infections. Is Google becoming an untrustworthy brand? Is it possible that the only reason why Google is surviving in the apps segment is because they give most of their stuff away for free?

Google is undeniably very proud about its Android platform. But recently, it has been discovered that the platform has become an open target for malware. Because of the openness of the platform, Google has recently discovered and pulled out at least 21 infected applications from the Android market.

The issue has been confirmed by Google, and the infected applications contain malware that gain access to an infected Smartphone in order to snoop around and find data or to download additional codes onto the handset, without the user noticing. However, this vulnerability has been associated with Gingerbread, which means that any mobile device running the Android version 2.3+ is fine. The vulnerability has been fixed by Google, but it is useless since many phones have been reported to be running on a version of Android that hasn’t been protected yet.