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Can Yahoo be saved

Can Yahoo be saved
After seeing one failure after another in the last few years, Yahoo may still be able to save itself with its latest search engine update – Search Direct! While this may be similar to Google’s updates, the Google Instant, where you get real time results as you type, Search Direct is all about giving you appropriate answers to what you are searching for, instead of giving you relevant links. This is quite an exciting move on Yahoo’s part.

These search engine advancements as far as usability is concerned is quite amazing. Initially, everyone thought that the Google Instant update was quite amazing because it removed the need for the user to hit the search button in order to search for something. But with Yahoo, you don’t even need to click on the first link in order to get the answers that you want, and you can still find out many things like the stock performance, weather forecast and even where to go to find the films you want to see!

Why has Yahoo been dying out?

  1. It has become less innovative than its competitors.

  2. It isn’t as prominent a company as it once was.

  3. In the media space, it isn’t doing anything noteworthy.

How Yahoo can be saved?

  1. It can work hard to make Search Direct really awesome.

  2. It can get back to being a prominent company by getting on the good side of the media.

  3. It can attempt to become an important part of the user’s lives.