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Google friendly website and things to be avoided

Google friendly website and things to be avoided
Website owners want their sites to be Google friendly. For that they do many things which instead of helping the website Google friendly take the site far away from it. We all emphasize on keywords without which a website cannot work at all. There is keyword density checker for the search engines that check how many keywords are used for a particular content. Keyword should not be used like anything. There is reason behind it. Only getting Google ranking cannot help you if your content is not informative and good. So the better way is to use key words logically.

Many website owners fill their pages with list of keywords, put up “crawler only”, attempt to “cloak “pages and many more for the traffic. But it reacts oppositely as these are considered by Google as deceptive and your site will remain ignored.

There are so many examples of deception in the case of purchasing search engine optimization service. Many companies guarantee high ranking in Google search for sites. But they do not work in an acceptable and legal way and want to cheat the search engines many ways. Once your site is caught affiliated with such companies then your website will be banned from Google’s index. So, this is profitable for you not to work with such companies.

Another important point is that Google cannot understand the text containing with graphics. So, avoid doing such mistakes if you want your website to be Google friendly. You can use ALT attributes if you have problem in creating your content in regular HTML. You should avoid creating multiple copies of a page in different URL.

All the above points should be avoided for getting your website Google friendly.