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Get your site be automatically indexed in Google

Get your site be automatically indexed in Google
Many people have many conceptions concerning how to get Google ranking for their sites. They have adopted many ways to get the ranking but fail many times. The reason is that they are ignorant about Google’s process of indexing a site. Google is a search engine that is fully automated and they use the software named ‘spider’. It is a free search engine and you do not need to submit your site to include in its index. The software called ‘spider’ crawls the web in a regular interval in search of sites to index in Google. The web world is now full of different kind of websites that are made for different purposes. Many website owners submit their websites to Google to be indexed. But the surprising thing is that all websites that have already been indexed in Google search engine were not submitted for indexing. The ‘spider’ itself finds many websites to index in the search engine on the basis of its requirements. The three basic requirements of a site to be indexed in Google are like the followings:

• Your site must be well connected with other sites on the web

• You should design your site after studying other Google indexed sites. The design should not be difficult to be crawled by the ‘spider’.

• You should have patience to be indexed your site by Google as Google checks the stability of the site with their tools before indexing it to their search engine.

These three main factors are needed for your site’s indexing in Google search engine. The truth is that to gain something better, you must have to do better. The same happens in the case of website indexing in Google search engine. So, make a good website fulfilling all the requirements of Google to be automatically indexed in Google.